2018 Awaji Island & Osaka. Japan (January 22-26, 2018)

Overview of 2018 Session

The 7th NIF Winter School on Advanced Immunology was held on 22-26 January 2016. In this session, the program comprised a 4-day lecture course and a 1-day international symposium. Fifty-three young researchers from around the world learned cutting-edge immunology from 15 world-renowned senior researchers and forged friendship with peers through active discussions and communications. We invited Dr. Michelle Linterman of Cambridge University (UK) to give a lecture at the symposium on 26 January 2018. As a participant of the first Winter School in 2012, as well as one of the current young leaders in immunology, she inspired the participants.

Organizers of the School cordially appreciate the financial support of Chugai ParmaceuticalOsaka University, Tsutomu Nakauchi Foundation, Hyogo International Association, the Naito Foundation, and the Research Foundation of Microbial Diseases of Osaka University.

Date and Venue

22-25 January, 2018
Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center, Awaji Island, Japan 

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Birds-eye view of Awaji YumebutaiThe Awaji Yumebutai International Conference CenterConference BuildingTea Ceremony House

26 January, 2018
Icho Kaikan, Suita Campus, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan


Application and Selection

Participants were selected by the 2018 Winter School Selection Committee through a competitive screening and selection process based on submitted application materials: Curriculum vitae, a personal statement describing the motivation for attending the program, an abstract of the applicant’s presentation, and a recommendation letter.

  • 55 applicants were successfully selected from 213 applicants. Because two participants were unable to attend, 53 participants of 21 natinonalities actually attended.
  • 21 participants were female (40 %) and 32 participants were male (60%).
  • 31 participants were PhD students (58%) and 22 were early postdocs (42%).
  • Average age of participants was 29.9 years.
  • Participants were originally from Europe (16), Asia (23), Oceania (2), Northern America (8), South America (1), Africa (1) and the Middle-East (2).
  • Three young researchers from the companies (one from Chugai Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd. and two from Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd.) collaborating with IFReC also attended.

2018 Program

The scientific program comprised participants' short presentations, poster sessions, and 15 guest lectures. Each participant presented during a poster session and gave a short oral presentation as well. In addition to the scientific program, there are welcome and farewell parties, a Japanese style dinner, and late discussion sessions in a friendly atmosphere after dinners as a part of the program. In addition to the above course on Awaji Island, participants heard lectures from 8 up-and-coming researchers at the 9th IFReC International Symposium “Immunology at the Forefront” at Osaka University campus.

Lecturers (22-25 January, 2018)

CHEN Jinmiao (SIgN, Singapore)
(Institut Pasteur, France)
(University Regensburg / German Cancer Research Center, Germany)
Florent GINHOUX 
(SIgN, Singapore)
 (Keio University School of Medicine, Japan)
Takashi NAGASAWA (IFReC, Osaka University, Japan)
Lai Guan NG (SIgN, Singapore)
Yukinori OKADA (IFReC, Osaka University, Japan)
Hai QI 
(Tsinghua University, China)
Laurent RÉNIA
 (SIgN, Singapore)
 (The Francis Crick Institute, UK)
 (Heidelberg University, Germany)
 (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Henrique VEIGA-FERNANDES (Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, Portugal)
Toshihide YAMASHITA 
(IFReC, Osaka University, Japan) 

Speakers in IFReC International Symposium (26 January, 2018)

Cevayir COBAN (IFReC, Osaka University, Japan)
Takao HASHIGUCHI (Kyushu University, Japan) 
Thomas KORN (Technical University Munich, Germany)
Michelle LINTERMAN (Cambridge University, UK)
Christiane MAYR (Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA)
Daniel MUCIDA (The Rockefeller University, USA)
Naganari OHKURA (IFReC, Osaka University, Japan)
Takashi SHICHITA (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan)

Presentation Award Laureates

Awards were given to the following participants for their excellent presentations.

Yuichi Maeda (Osaka University, Japan)
Haiyin Liu (The University of Melbourne, Australia)
Carla Nowosad (The Rockefeller University, USA)
Kun Chen (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China)
Carlos Munoz Minutti (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Organizing Committee

Tomohiro Kurosaki (Director, IFReC, Osaka Univ.)
Naganari Ohkura (IFRec, Osaka Univ.)
Kazuhiro Suzuki (IFReC, Osaka Univ.)
Kazuhiko Maeda (IFReC, Osaka Univ.)
Wataru Ise (IFReC, Osaka Univ.)

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Messages from the Participants

dummyThis program is probably one of the best experiences I had as a graduate student. I’ve been to many conferences/meetings/forums, but this experience has been the most unique and memorable. We really got to know the participants as well as the lectuerers, and the quality of research being presented was top-notch.

dummyIf you are thinking about applying to the winter school – absolutely do it! I met so many fantastic people all over the world and the level of science is extremely high. It is also a great opportunity to learn about Japan (or Singapore in another year) if you are thinking about expanding your studies/Postdoc abroad.

dummyIt is the best conference I’ve ever attended. The Winter School is well-organized, and the talks are very informative and inspiring. The accommodation and meals were superb, too. I highly recommend every young immunologist to apply for the Winter School!

dummyI strongly recommend the winter school to postdoctoral fellows and late PhD students. Talking with participants and lecturers who are far more diverse than a general academic conference will provide kindly various comments and suggestions for your current research and your future research life.

dummyWinter School is a fun experience to explore immunology and to meet friends from all over the world!

dummyThe IFReC winter immunology school was a brilliant meeting to attend; a fantastic opportunity. I was extremely impressed by the breadth and standard of immunology ongoing, around the world, from my fellow Early Career Researchers. I am sure the network it promotes and creates will be of benefit to us all in the future. 

dummyI was really grateful to attend the WS 2018. It was a life changing experience at the scientific and personal level. Firstly, learning more about Immunology with world known lecturers, gave me insights for my future career. Secondly, seeing how Science brings people together was amazing and it was an unique opportunity to share with young scientists from different cultures. It was also an opportunity to create a solid network with other immunologists. I will definitively recommend the winter school.

dummyIt was definitely a memorable experience in Winter School. I ‘ve gotten inspired and learn a lot from the NIF Winter School on Advanced Immunology. I've never seen event so well-organized, informative and friendly like that!

dummyAn exceptionally fascinating meeting, joining together international students, perfectly organized and balanced, allowing participants to gain scientific as well as cultural experiences. 

dummyYou must participate the NIF winter school if you want to conduct research activity in the international science community.

dummyI highly recommend young researchers to apply to the Winter School. It is a great opportunity to meet other young scientists that are very enthusiast about science and exchange ideas with them. The level of science that is presented during both the lectures and the presentations is very impressive. It can really give new ideas on your own projects and show you what cutting edge science means.

dummyWinter school organized by IFReC this year was an extraordinary one. It was helpful in advancing my knowledge of immunology in width ss well as breadth.
Thank you all the organizing committees.

dummyThis Winter School provide you essential experience for your future research because you can do many fruitful discussions and make friends with talented young researchers.

dummyI would highly recommend the Winter School to all my classmates and friends. It was a lot of fun and a very stimulating experience. Awesome science and a great opportunity to network and harbor new collaborations!

dummyIt was helpful to have a new and broad understanding of immunology in this well-organized winter school.

dummyThe NIF Winter School is a great opportunity for young scientists to learn and to get advanced knowledge within diverse areas in immunology. The program is extremely well organized and allow to interact, network and form future collaborations with the leading immunologists and talented young scientists from around the world. Highly recommend this unique program to future participants!

dummyThank you very much for the well-organized and educative school. The experiences interacting with each participants could make me motivated for the further research.

dummyI highly recommend attending the Winter School. You will have the chance to meet and discuss with internationally recognized speakers from several fields of immunology. They will share advices and experiences that will serve you in the future. You will meet several very talented young immunologists from all over the world, see and discuss their cutting edge work and develop connections that will help you build a strong network for your future carreer.

dummyI can’t recommend the Winter School highly enough! Apply and you will not regret a moment spent there. While at the Winter School, I made friendships that I’m sure will last a lifetime and span the globe. Extraordinarily well executed and organized event with a world class scientific program, cutting-edge immunology, and a true immersion into the Japanese culture!

dummyIt was a great honor for me to be selected for the Winter School, and it was the best immunology conference that I have attended so far. The Winter School featured a good selection of lecturers and participants from around the world. I was also impressed by the high quality of the selected candidates. What’s more, from the Winter School I really made a lot of friends which I believe will fuel my networking and future collaborations. Thank you again for gave me this opportunity to attend the Winter School again.

dummyThe Winter School is a great opportunity to expose to various fields of Immunology and interact with researchers and students from all over the world. It’s been a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend this Winter School to every young scientist!!

dummyHighly recommend this program for PhD students as well as early career researchers, as you will learn the cutting-edge knowledge and interact with leading immunologists in a social and relaxing environment.

dummyI was very honored and grateful to be selected to form part of The 7th NIF Winter School on Advanced Immunology. It was a very enriching experience that gave me the opportunity to expose my research and ideas to some of the best immunologists in the world. It was great to hear what they are doing in their labs and get their feedback into my work.

dummyVery nice winter school. A good interaction with people from all parts of the world doing different areas of immunology.

dummyDon’t hesitate just apply: it’s a fantastic way to experience both Asia and cutting-edge immunological science!

dummyThis winter school is a best opportunity to communicate with many researchers from overseas. I really excited to this meeting and I strongly recommend to participate actively especially for late discussion!

dummyEnjoy the opportunity to learn frontier immunology as well as to make new friends!

dummyThank you for letting me to take part in this winter school. All participants did quite excellent research and gave wonderful presentations. It was the best school I’ve ever attended. I would like to thank all participants and IFReC staff members and wish you all the best.

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