Winter School 2014

The NIF Winter School on Advanced Immunology was created in 2011 by members of IFReC and SIgN Research Centers. The aim is to provide an opportunity for 50 selected international PhD students and young postdocs to meet with a Faculty of 15 world-class experts and explore networking and learning in Asia.

The 9th NIF Winter School on Advanced Immunology will be held in January 2020 in Japan. It includes four-day intensive course on Awaji Island and a following one-day international symposium in Osaka. In the course, there will be lectures from leading immunologists on a wide range of topics and the format of the school facilitates exchange of ideas and establishment of networking opportunities for all participants. In the international symposium organized by IFReC, lectures of the hottest and latest results of the emerging immunology fields will be given to the participants by young leaders to demonstrate the current frontiers of immunology.

Our ultimate goal is for the school to become a major international focal point in the field of immunology in Asia and to foster a new generation of scientists who will lead and challenge the boundaries of immunological science in the future.

We welcome students from all disciplines to participate in the program. The selection process is highly competitive and we expect students to be highly motivated to actively participate in all the School activities during the inspiring intensive program.


Network of Immunology Frontier (NIF)

The name “Network of Immunology Frontier” (NIF) comes from the names of the institutes, SIgN and IFReC, organizing this school. The NIF is a world-wide network of immunologists which supports the next generation of young researchers to drive the frontiers of immunology research and to form a network with peers from their generation.
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